Friday, 10 June 2016

Uni Degree show..

On my last day at uni, I went along the third year degree show with some friends to take a look at the work that's been done in the final year on my Fashion Communication and Promotion. I took a look round my course, fashion management, and fashion marketing branding. It was exciting to see the sort of work I will be producing in two years time, from zines to full report books. I am looking forward to gaining skills, working with brands and growing as an individual over the next two years.



Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wear // Life // Eats


I have been so excited for summer, I have a lot planned and a lot to look forward to from festivals, holidays and my birthday. I do love winter for the reasons of big jumpers and fluffy socks but now the sun is making a regular appearance I have really been into wear shorts. In H&M early last week, i found a lovely frilly black pair which I thought could work with a lot of things. I paired them with a black crop top, oversized shirt and my Adidas trainers for a casual look as I headed out to hand in my first-year uni work, whoop whoop!


I have been super busy recently with uni work, travelling home, seeing friends and family and working. I prefer to be busy than bored, so I am not complaining. I am off to Parklife this weekend so I am busy thinking what to wear to that, then it is my birthday and then I am off on holiday so I have lots of organising to do and a lot of making myself go to the gym to urgently try and get into bikini shape. 


Well, I would love to say I have been healthy recently, but this may be a slight lie. With celebrating my deadlines I took it upon myself to get a Shakeaway milkshake...peanut and m&m's...o m g INSANE. It was also national doughnut day so of course I had to try the Nottingham Doughnut Company again INSANE. I made enchiladas the other night for dinner which was so good to have a good cooked meal!  However, I am back on track now and eating clean to be ready for my holiday.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Fred Perry Subculture Brief

Fred Perry has a unique place at the heart of British subcultures and music, this heritage still informs the brand today. Since 2005 Subculture has been the platform to both work with true icons of British music and introduce some of the very best new artists from the UK onto the global stage.

Over the Summer, we have been set a brief by Fred Perry, a very exciting opportunity. A focus on Sport - music - style as a global language. We have been asked to research into Fred Perry subculture and keep a sketchbook over the summer thinking about points like...

How has the heritage of Fred Perry informed Subculture and the Fred Perry brand today?
Who are the icons and innovators of subcultures
How has British music and style contributed to a global language?

Have a look at my Pinterest account to look into my starting collection of images of subculture and Fred Perry.

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