Monday, 30 November 2015

Fashion Revolution

"Fast fashion isn't free. Someone somewhere is paying"

April 24th, 2013. Rana Plaza, Bangladesh collapsed. A manufacturing company for the western fashion market. 1133 dead and 2500 injured. At this point, the revolution began, it became time to stand up and demand a change. A demand for a cleaner, safer and fairer fashion and textile industry. Fashion needed to become the power to a change in the world.

Ask yourself "who made my clothes",  could you really answer? No..? Then its time for you to become curious, find out and do something.

Fashion Revolution is a company that 'On 24th April each year, Fashion Revolution Day will bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.' With 78 countries involved so far.

The aim is provide a worldwide platform to ask questions, raise standards, make a difference and demonstrate change is possible. Fast fashion now means 52 seasons a year, new products on the rails each week and a change over from catwalk to mass development in 6 weeks. Low wages, limited safety precautions and abuse to some workers both physically and through health conditions. Take a stand and think who made your clothes, where were they made and how...

who where howwho made my clothesbangladesh

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Vogue China: Cover call back

Vogue china is reaching its 10th anniversary, and for any brand, business or magazine thats a proud milestone. Angelica Cheung is the editor in chief of Vogue China and has played a crucial role in the development of China’s fashion industry. Cheung launched the title’s first issue in September 2005. It sold out of its initial print run of 300,000 and had to be reprinted twice.

Angelica Chung stated "In our magazine, we talk about positive, forward-looking women who uphold our society’s ideals,” says Cheung. “It is as important for the reader to be encouraged, to cultivate a sense of self, as it is to be told where they can buy the prettiest frocks.”. She goes on to discuss over the next ten years “Our content will be increasingly mobile, social, video driven and viral,”.  “The Vogue network is truly global and Chinese consumers are increasingly global in outlook — I see tremendous opportunities to leverage this phenomena in exciting new ways for Vogue China and our partner"

Personally my favourite part of Vogue China is their covers, bright bold and not afraid to stand out. So lets have a look how the magazine has evolved from 2005 until now!

vogue china.png


Friday, 27 November 2015

my love for Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an innovative specialty retail company with an emphasis on creativity. A Focus to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy. Stocks that reflect inspiration from contemporary art, music and fashion. From men's & women's apparel and accessories to items for the apartment, they offer a lifestyle-specific shopping experience for the educated, urban-minded individual.

Urban Outfitters are one of my favourite brands to follow on Instagram, they reflect their brand, values and image so well its addictive. The inspiration from their posts are amazing! They also involve their audience by having an account just for the public who are wearing or decoration an interior with their products at 'UOEUROPE'

These are some of the reasons why i have decided to do my project for my course on this brand, based around the A/W15 trend on denim. How they adjust to their values, target audience, their marketing mix, promotional methods and communication within the store and online. I've become a little bit obsessed. Its so good to see a brand that does more than sell clothes, Urban Outfitters involves themselves within your lifestyle, through art, music, fashion and everyday inspiration...almost like they've created a distinctive, edgy and super creative world for you to absorb yourself in.




Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Important life lessons we learn from our favourite film characters

A blog idea inspired from that i loved and thought about myself. Either films we watched growing up from films we see as teenagers, characters teach us a lot of life lessons from their experiences, strengths or flaws.


Elle Woods- Legally Blonde 

Favourite film since my auntie introduced it to me when i was younger, both as a film and in theatre legally blonde is the best of the best. Elle Woods only goes to Law school to get the guy, but on her way surprised herself with passing her SATs, winning a court case and marry the 'other' guy. lesson learnt= No need to change for anyone!



A fairytale that doesn't sugarcoat reality. Teaching us that you continue to fight when your strengths become weaknesses. Remain determined and always be unstoppable. There is evil in this world but it has no power over us, unless we allow it to.


Jenna Rink- 13 going on 30

Another favourite film. From being at school and worrying about popularity and wishing you had everything you don't, learning that life is about embracing what you were gifted with and never wish your life away. Everything will fall into place in the end.


'Andy' Sachs- The Devil Wears Prada

A very relatable character for us all, whether its starting a new job, dealing with certain individuals or struggling to get to grips with a new situation. Andy shows us that perseverance and taking charge of your life is what to focus on in a tough situation and you'll eventually come to the other side.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

The power of pink

Now that autumn and winter are in full swing, its finally time to change up our all black wardrobes. Its time for the Autumn rose and berry pinks to have their time again, a variation of colour that given the political and sociological contradictions of pink, designers continue to use it again and again. This time giving a sense of strength and stylishness.

Catwalks for A/W15 have shown their interpretation of pink in fashion and its powerful comeback to battle the cold away this year. From ChloƩ, Prada and Alexander McQueen....these trends then trickling down into our classic mass market stores of Topshop and Zara.

pink collage
High End/Couture

zara pinkScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 12.11.28

Mass Market- Topshop X Kendall and Kylie, Zara

Take a look at Prada's A/W15 advertising campaign and the hidden power of pink!


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Trends with tech.

A new emerging trend is occurring. It combines geek with style, technology being our geek and fashion as our style. We are not talking about LED flashing shoes or an apple watch. The aim is to integrate high-tech wearable technology with mainstream fashion pieces. We need technology to fit into our life without allowing it to disrupt our day to day life. Many of these inventions were discovered through crowdfunding sites that come with apps and are unisex.

Glasses are common, can't find them your phone will know the exact location with the help of a small Bluetooth embedded into the frame. A handbag that comes with a charging plate, internal lights, 2 USB docks and a charging dock. What about a connected ring, notifications on your phone connect to the ring that send small vibrations to alert you instead of constantly checking your phone and wasting time looking at twitter, snapchat etc when really there is no need. You can actually get on with what you need to do and only be interrupted when you need to be.

Technology is moving faster than ever at the moment, we cannot remove it or block it out as it does bring huge benefits and movement to our lives. Technology now is being adapted to our way of living instead of us being immersed into the world of technology leading us not getting on with our day to day necessities.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday inspirations

As the normal Sunday morning is spent in bed with breakfast and a nice cup of tea, we all spend longer than normal scrolling away at tumblr, instagram, twitter etc... and i came across a few quotes that i thought are good to read as a new week approaches.

Hopefully they will help give you that little boost of inspiration and motivation to try something new in the week, from something as little as trying something you have always been too scared to do, all the way to booking a flight to Australia and ditching everything and going travelling (obviously this is the extreme far end of the line, but still!).



Friday, 13 November 2015

PEACE + LOVE collection- 'Created for the fierce, powerful anduntouchable'

Missguided has become one of the most popular online shopping websites, and too right!! Stylish, edgy and on trend fashion for a good price. Constant offers and discounts are there key marketing skills that keep them so well known and popular. Myself included, am always tempted when I receive an email saying ‘20% off everything’ or ‘Free next day delivery’….who wouldn’t want there clothes cheaper and arrive at your doorstep the next morning?!

I have been obsessed with their collection ‘Peace + Love’, a collection for the nights out and dressy days. We are talking stunningly cut dresses, high knee boots, metallic skirts and glamorous tops, what more could we ask for. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

We have the glamorous red dress, perfect for fancy dress nights or Christmas parties. Dress it with your favourite pair of strappy heels and your set to go and guaranteed to stand out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.13.34

(left) Then my favourite, the edgy/rock and roll black sleek look. This long line contrast trim duster jacket is my dream. Edgy yet classy and filled with class when dressed with the right outfit. An item that makes an impact and builds the fierceness of the collection in my opinion. I mean those strapped boots are just…basically I would like the whole outfit please.

(right) This metallic dusty pink skirt gives you the playful girly look, yet when worn with a top shown brings back that edginess and instant flirtatious sense with slits in the top.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.13.38

I would say as a collection they have clearly stuck with it being for powerful, fierce and untouchable women with strong contrasting colours, silhouettes and use of the material.

So If I were you, I would be going straight to their website as they also have discounts going on as you read this…get moving!

*all image are from Missguided website*

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 20.45.47
With the phenomenon of which the Victoria's Secret fashion show is each year, no doubt will this year be as outstanding as ever. However, it is also one of the best-kept secrets within the industry and unless your working within, its a struggle to get the gossip!! just plenty of Instagram uploads...and a look into the design, build up and creative concepts the show demonstrates! Music guests are confirmed, Selena Gomez, The Weekend and Ellie Goulding!! Models confirmed and outfits at the ready, LETS GO!! xoxo

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 21.23.25


Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas season has arrived, maybe a little too early...

This weekend, to say the least was very unproductive in the uni work area, however very productive in the shops, city centre and food areas...we can call it research! With the christmas lights and decorations being put up everywhere you look, that always seem to get earlier and earlier. I was pleased to go and get a Starbucks and be handed over a christmas cup... gets me a little excited for christmas season although i refuse to show my festivity till December 1st. I won't listen to a christmas song until then, bad luck and all that!!

My favourite things about the christmas season are...

  1. Warm drinks- preferably the new chocolate fudge hot chocolate from costa

  2. Yankee candles, of course

  3. Over sized hoodies and fluffy socks

  4. Movie nights in with every duvet and blanket in the house

  5. Baking cookies, brownies, cakes and every other option and using the excuse that its christmas and you need to store body fat for the cold weather approaching

  6. Peaking out the curtains in the morning to check for snow and hope you don't have to go to uni, even though its only a 10 minute walk and no hills involved

  7. Being in the hustle of London with the christmas lights above you and obsessing over Selfridges window displays

  8. Pointing and hinted to everything you want for christmas "oo i love this, no i don't need it now mum!" "no honestly its fine, i can't afford it!"

  9. Lastly, the feeling that your nose and fingers are so cold you think never again will they be usable, bitter sweet feeling


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Reflective journal- Fashion Communication and Promotion

“Fashion is a cultural phenomenon growing out of the interactions of individuals and institutions”

Since starting FCP, I have learnt that the fashion industry is a much broader sector than people assume. Its about looking further than magazines and runways for inspiration and new trends. Where did the items come from? What influenced them? You have to be bold and question everything.

Fashion inspiration alone from primary sources such as brands and retail are too direct. We have to look at the broader creative landscape, sources such as photography, theatre, dance and art. Fashion is everything around us, the way we live and what is happening in the world. Narratives and motifs trickle down from mega, macro, micro trends that come back around when suitable in todays time.

Outside industries influence a brand. Music can help explore and tell a narrative for campaigns and catwalks. It helps draw in attention from all ages. For example, H&M at Coachella and Victoria Secret who focus on Live performances at runway shows, keeping a brand on trend with their target audience. Music instantly impacts an audience’s perspective on a brand. Film focuses on the cultural influences that leads to new trends. Bill Cunningham focused on fashion coming from the ever changing streets of New York. The power of individuals setting trends. ‘Dior and I’ focuses on a new collection of haute couture designed by Raf Simons’, inspired by music and art. The economy impacts fashion dramatically, during the recession fashion was conservative and functional with a focus on classics, as the economy improves fashion can be bright and extravagant.

A brand will conform or rebel against society norms. Take a risk or stay safe. WWII lead acceptance for women to wear trousers at work in the fields and factories, out of working hours it was unnatural and unattractive. However, 1966, Yves Saint Laurent designed ‘Le Smoking’, controversial at first but the elegant style made it acceptable and women could embrace the comfort clothes could bring. Rebellion against past views allow new ideas to break through.

I have learnt about the importance and power of colour. Colour can represent cultural codes, social codes and historical codes.  Historical codes have been a focus this A/W15 with drama filled white gowns and embodied lace and sweeping skirts as black as night. History will forever continue to influence fashion. I have put colour into action this week, focusing on a colour story and expressing it as a narrative through art, craft and photography. Something that is easier said than done!

This information is essential within all aspects of the industry. For events, I will always need to be aware of trends for colour, motifs and narratives. Trend forecasting, I will have to act as a sponge and take in everything going on globally, from entertainment, lifestyle, world culture and news. I feel I have grasped the new concepts well and have continued with further reading to build a broader aspect of the key topics. Over this module I need to focus on bringing all the new information I have learnt with me and continue to keep up to date with what is going on politically and economically and socially in the world to understand the changes that occur in the fashion industry.

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