Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Important life lessons we learn from our favourite film characters

A blog idea inspired from careergirldaily.com that i loved and thought about myself. Either films we watched growing up from films we see as teenagers, characters teach us a lot of life lessons from their experiences, strengths or flaws.


Elle Woods- Legally Blonde 

Favourite film since my auntie introduced it to me when i was younger, both as a film and in theatre legally blonde is the best of the best. Elle Woods only goes to Law school to get the guy, but on her way surprised herself with passing her SATs, winning a court case and marry the 'other' guy. lesson learnt= No need to change for anyone!



A fairytale that doesn't sugarcoat reality. Teaching us that you continue to fight when your strengths become weaknesses. Remain determined and always be unstoppable. There is evil in this world but it has no power over us, unless we allow it to.


Jenna Rink- 13 going on 30

Another favourite film. From being at school and worrying about popularity and wishing you had everything you don't, learning that life is about embracing what you were gifted with and never wish your life away. Everything will fall into place in the end.


'Andy' Sachs- The Devil Wears Prada

A very relatable character for us all, whether its starting a new job, dealing with certain individuals or struggling to get to grips with a new situation. Andy shows us that perseverance and taking charge of your life is what to focus on in a tough situation and you'll eventually come to the other side.


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  1. Great love legally blond and devil wears Prada!!

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