Saturday, 28 November 2015

Vogue China: Cover call back

Vogue china is reaching its 10th anniversary, and for any brand, business or magazine thats a proud milestone. Angelica Cheung is the editor in chief of Vogue China and has played a crucial role in the development of China’s fashion industry. Cheung launched the title’s first issue in September 2005. It sold out of its initial print run of 300,000 and had to be reprinted twice.

Angelica Chung stated "In our magazine, we talk about positive, forward-looking women who uphold our society’s ideals,” says Cheung. “It is as important for the reader to be encouraged, to cultivate a sense of self, as it is to be told where they can buy the prettiest frocks.”. She goes on to discuss over the next ten years “Our content will be increasingly mobile, social, video driven and viral,”.  “The Vogue network is truly global and Chinese consumers are increasingly global in outlook — I see tremendous opportunities to leverage this phenomena in exciting new ways for Vogue China and our partner"

Personally my favourite part of Vogue China is their covers, bright bold and not afraid to stand out. So lets have a look how the magazine has evolved from 2005 until now!

vogue china.png


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