Thursday, 5 November 2015

Reflective journal- Fashion Communication and Promotion

“Fashion is a cultural phenomenon growing out of the interactions of individuals and institutions”

Since starting FCP, I have learnt that the fashion industry is a much broader sector than people assume. Its about looking further than magazines and runways for inspiration and new trends. Where did the items come from? What influenced them? You have to be bold and question everything.

Fashion inspiration alone from primary sources such as brands and retail are too direct. We have to look at the broader creative landscape, sources such as photography, theatre, dance and art. Fashion is everything around us, the way we live and what is happening in the world. Narratives and motifs trickle down from mega, macro, micro trends that come back around when suitable in todays time.

Outside industries influence a brand. Music can help explore and tell a narrative for campaigns and catwalks. It helps draw in attention from all ages. For example, H&M at Coachella and Victoria Secret who focus on Live performances at runway shows, keeping a brand on trend with their target audience. Music instantly impacts an audience’s perspective on a brand. Film focuses on the cultural influences that leads to new trends. Bill Cunningham focused on fashion coming from the ever changing streets of New York. The power of individuals setting trends. ‘Dior and I’ focuses on a new collection of haute couture designed by Raf Simons’, inspired by music and art. The economy impacts fashion dramatically, during the recession fashion was conservative and functional with a focus on classics, as the economy improves fashion can be bright and extravagant.

A brand will conform or rebel against society norms. Take a risk or stay safe. WWII lead acceptance for women to wear trousers at work in the fields and factories, out of working hours it was unnatural and unattractive. However, 1966, Yves Saint Laurent designed ‘Le Smoking’, controversial at first but the elegant style made it acceptable and women could embrace the comfort clothes could bring. Rebellion against past views allow new ideas to break through.

I have learnt about the importance and power of colour. Colour can represent cultural codes, social codes and historical codes.  Historical codes have been a focus this A/W15 with drama filled white gowns and embodied lace and sweeping skirts as black as night. History will forever continue to influence fashion. I have put colour into action this week, focusing on a colour story and expressing it as a narrative through art, craft and photography. Something that is easier said than done!

This information is essential within all aspects of the industry. For events, I will always need to be aware of trends for colour, motifs and narratives. Trend forecasting, I will have to act as a sponge and take in everything going on globally, from entertainment, lifestyle, world culture and news. I feel I have grasped the new concepts well and have continued with further reading to build a broader aspect of the key topics. Over this module I need to focus on bringing all the new information I have learnt with me and continue to keep up to date with what is going on politically and economically and socially in the world to understand the changes that occur in the fashion industry.


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