Friday, 10 June 2016

Uni Degree show..

On my last day at uni, I went along the third year degree show with some friends to take a look at the work that's been done in the final year on my Fashion Communication and Promotion. I took a look round my course, fashion management, and fashion marketing branding. It was exciting to see the sort of work I will be producing in two years time, from zines to full report books. I am looking forward to gaining skills, working with brands and growing as an individual over the next two years.



Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wear // Life // Eats


I have been so excited for summer, I have a lot planned and a lot to look forward to from festivals, holidays and my birthday. I do love winter for the reasons of big jumpers and fluffy socks but now the sun is making a regular appearance I have really been into wear shorts. In H&M early last week, i found a lovely frilly black pair which I thought could work with a lot of things. I paired them with a black crop top, oversized shirt and my Adidas trainers for a casual look as I headed out to hand in my first-year uni work, whoop whoop!


I have been super busy recently with uni work, travelling home, seeing friends and family and working. I prefer to be busy than bored, so I am not complaining. I am off to Parklife this weekend so I am busy thinking what to wear to that, then it is my birthday and then I am off on holiday so I have lots of organising to do and a lot of making myself go to the gym to urgently try and get into bikini shape. 


Well, I would love to say I have been healthy recently, but this may be a slight lie. With celebrating my deadlines I took it upon myself to get a Shakeaway milkshake...peanut and m&m's...o m g INSANE. It was also national doughnut day so of course I had to try the Nottingham Doughnut Company again INSANE. I made enchiladas the other night for dinner which was so good to have a good cooked meal!  However, I am back on track now and eating clean to be ready for my holiday.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Fred Perry Subculture Brief

Fred Perry has a unique place at the heart of British subcultures and music, this heritage still informs the brand today. Since 2005 Subculture has been the platform to both work with true icons of British music and introduce some of the very best new artists from the UK onto the global stage.

Over the Summer, we have been set a brief by Fred Perry, a very exciting opportunity. A focus on Sport - music - style as a global language. We have been asked to research into Fred Perry subculture and keep a sketchbook over the summer thinking about points like...

How has the heritage of Fred Perry informed Subculture and the Fred Perry brand today?
Who are the icons and innovators of subcultures
How has British music and style contributed to a global language?

Have a look at my Pinterest account to look into my starting collection of images of subculture and Fred Perry.


Saturday, 28 May 2016

It's all about the sportswear

Gymwear has become a big trend over the past 2 years, from it only being worn at the gym to now being worn as casual wear as well the choice, colour and designs of sportswear are amazing. Nothing is more motivating that buying new gym wear to get you in the gym, well for me it is anyway. New trainers that make you feel like you could run a marathon or even new leggings that give you that extra boost! Getting to the gym is the hardest bit for me, once I'm there I feel great so why not look great whilst feeling are some of my favourite gym pieces out there at the moment!

Adidas has become very adventurous with their designs recently. I love love love their pink floral shorts and monochrome printed leggings, perfect to match with a simple top or be brave and get the matching top.  My favourite Adidas style are there originals, the leggings, mesh top and jacket are simple yet stylish.

Pink Soda is a sports brand that has exploded onto the scene. The top and shorts are items I currently own and love. There so comfy and cute. The top is a 2 in one bra and top with a great design! This jumper may have to be my next purchase, who doesn't want a big comfy hoody walking to and from the gym in the mornings

MissGuided has a great range of gym wear that go from sassy to simple, definitely something for everyone. This marble crop top is perfect for summer and has an edge with the triangle mesh down the middle. MissGuided is great for students with discounts and always have offers about, so keep an eye out!

We couldn't cover sportswear without mentioning Nike. This metallic pinky/orange shorts are fun and on trend. Match these with a vest top and your favourite trainers and you're guaranteed to look great and feel great working out!

Check out some of my sportswear inspiration on my Pinterest-


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Vogue Café // London

When I saw this news on the Business Of Fashion website I became so excited! Who wouldn't want to go and try out a Vogue Café Champagne lounge in West London!

The Vogue Café pop-up store will be opening next month in West London Westfield as the British Magazine celebrates its centenary. You can go for cocktails, champagne or on a cold day a nice hot chocolate served along with cupcakes, sandwiches or afternoon tea. 

Vogue Café, which will be open at The Village Westfield in Shepherds Bush, west London, from June 16 to Sept. 18.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lets get to the beach!

We all love choice, so when it comes to swimwear for summer, one is never enough! From high neck, mix 'n' match and the big trend of swimsuits, here are a few of my favourite for this year! With summer shopping in full swing be sure to look online and in store for some of these fabulous numbers that make you feel confident and fun!

River Island- Coral colours are a big trend this year so why not incorporate them into your summer bikinis!

ASOS- We all love a bit of glam, so why not try a plunging black swimsuit with a gold waist strap to bring our your body figure.

MissGuided- MissGuided is perfect for on trend clothes that give you some sass and edge. This bold red number is beautiful giving you a hint of strappy details on the top to make you stand out.

MissGuided- Why not grab yourself a flirty fun number, swimsuits are perfect this summer with low cut backs and fun text on.

Victorias Secret- High wasited bottoms help define your beautiful curves and make your legs look longer. This exotic beautiful pattern is a favourite of mine that has all the colours to show your girly side and strappy for that sexy look.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Its all about the eyes...

I am super into playing around with eye palettes right now,  spring and summer are here it is nice to be able to play with lighter eye shadows, peaches, pinks and beiges. I am desperate to get my hands on the Chocolate bar summer palette which is full of gorgeous colours for this summer. However, I have found a trick of using your bronzer, highlighter and blusher as eyeshadows that give you this glowy/fresh look. I added lashes and eyeliner, but I also love the bare look of peachy colours and just a light amount of mascara for a day look. 
 I am going to be posting more makeup and styling posts soon, so keep an eye out!!


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Axis Skincare- Reflective Journal

Building a brand has been my main focus for the last few weeks. Taking all the research, information and inspiration and bringing it together to come up with ‘AXIS Skincare’. As a team we have come up with a portable skincare product for men on the go, pocket size. We had the task of creating a brand name, logo, strapline, product and packaging design, advertisement and a presentation that demonstrates our concept successfully. This has meant a huge amount of planning, time management and commitment. I have really enjoyed this task as it has allowed a lot more creativity to come into the mix and freedom to explore different methods of communication and promotion.

My scrapbook, Pinterest and magazines played a large part in my creativity and inspiration for this project. By looking at images and drawing sketches into my scrapbook, this has helped me learn the importance of not taking ideas literally but taking a concept and playing around with how I can use It to suit my subject. The photo shoot was a big part of the project, we had to come very prepared with mood boards, timelines and storyboards so the photographer knew exactly what we were looking to create. I got a feel of styling for a photo shoot and the importance of portraying the right image for our brand. Also, we were only giving 45 minutes to get all the images we needed, by having a limited time limit we had to plan out our sessions precisely.

Our presentation was on brand, we had a constant colour palette and imagery that reflected our brand essence. We were clear with what our product was and why we stood out from other competitors. We really tried to channel the fact that men live very busy lifestyles and our product was personal to their quick paced day. As a brand, AXIS Skincare works around your lifestyle, it does not hold you down to a morning or evening routine, its there for when you need it. We focused on organic ingredients that catered to the sensitivity of men’s skin, which is more sensitive than women’s. We learnt through feedback to really push our idea through promotion as much as possible. If advertising in the underground, use the concept than men will see the advert in the morning and again on the way home, by bus stops and then on the bus. Use the idea of movement and time passing as an idea for slogans and constant promotional opportunity for example.

By completing this part of the module I will take forward skills of team work, creativity, pushing the boundaries for ideas and using every opportunity to find and use inspiration by storing ideas and imagery in scrapbooks and online, for future reference. I feel this brief has helped me really understand every component that is required to build a brand and pitch an idea, very helpful in future tasks at university and in a job.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The power of visuals and story telling...

Beyoncé has stunned the world with her new visual album 'Lemonade'. In a time where pop music doesn't tell much of a story and can also be very similar to each other, Beyoncé being Beyoncé has been sure to break free of that with an album that represents a 'conceptual project based on every women's journey of self-knowledge and healing'. After watching this visual album I decided to look into other fashion films that tell a story for promotion and came across one of Adidas originals. A short video called 'Your future is not mine'. I found it a very powerful video with it demonstrating real life situations and issues that growing up we do all face...(make sure your volume is on so you can hear the lyrics!!)

"With a clear message of individuality and empowerment, this short film by Adidas, directed by Terence Neale, follows some of today’s most influential pop culture figures, artists and content creators, including stylist-entrepreneur Luka Sabbat (named the Internet’s coolest teenager) and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Iman Shumpert, as they chart their own path through a haunting landscape of gang violence, social media clones and soulless nine-to-five jobs."- BOF


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Early mornings and floral duvets

I have always been a morning girl, I'd much prefer to wake up at 7am and get going than sleep in till 10/11am...I just would get nothing done. Now that the weather is getting warm and summer is definitely creeping upon us, I have been very motivated to get up first thing and exercise. That could be going on a walk up the hills in Nottingham or doing my Charlotte Crosby Belly/bum blitz...i have even gone and bought her new Live Fast Loose Weight book. If anyone has been thinking about ordering it, I would say YES DO! It makes you realise all these no carbs, lettuce only diets are pointless, they are not sustainable and will not last long! Everyone knows what food is good for them and what isn't but the book reminds you we need everything in moderation. You could have a cheat meal once a week and it will make no difference to you as long as the rest of the days your good if you want that pizza make it your cheat meal and just be sure to work extra hard at the gym the next day. You can go out with friends and have drinks, just be really good with what you eat in the day, then again work up a sweat exercising the next day!

Here are some of my favorite recipes from her book that I will be trying soon...

Banana and oat shake- Almond milk, 1 banana frozen, greek yogurt, porridge oats and a tablespoon of peanut butter and blend! This is perfect before you exercise with it releasing energy slowly.

Goats cheese, spinach and red pepper frittata- Heat the veg in a pan until soft, cook your eggs in a pan until the bottom is set and then add all the veg and put under the grill until golden and bubbly! You can have this hot and cold, so use more eggs if you want some throughout the week!

Sweet potato brownies- Cook the sweet potatoes and blend them along with some cinnamon, add coco powder and salt and some boiling water to form a paste, wisk 2 eggs and vanilla extract and combine with the purée and bake for 20 minutes....WHO KNEW THERE WAS SUCH A THING AS HEALTHY BROWNIES!!!

These are just a few of the recipes, but the book has so much more along with cocktails that are less calorific!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fashion styling / Monday inspiration

 I have always been one to take along shopping if you need a straight forward answer if something looks good on you or not, in a polite way of course or to help put an outfit together. Sometimes a product looks amazing on the hanger but doesn't work for your body shape, but this can always happen in item may not look all that much on the rail but may suit your body shape perfectly. I have always been into hair, makeup and clothes...but I have always loved the editorial and extreme ends that could make you look a little crazy going to work in, but that doesn't mean you can't play around with these looks. 

I have become a little obsessed with Pinterest recently as its a major role of collecting images for my uni course. I have been really inspired by stylists such as Kate Young, Rachel Zoe, Grace Coddington and Monica Rose...I have really been inspired to focus on this route as a career along with my love for running events! I love the fact there are no limits, you can go as extreme as you feel required to get the look you need. Over the summer, I am excited to build up my portfolio for styling and have some fun with shoots that are creative and push the boundary to the unexpected.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Coachella 2016- the looks so far...

The most talked about festival of the year has begun, day 1 of Coachella is complete and its time to see what our favourite celebrities decided to wear and what trends we need to prep for this summer.

If you remember last year Kylie Jenner stunned us with her aqua blue hair last year so expectations were high for what colour hair she was going to deliver this weekend. She went for a gorgeous peach wig and kept her outfit simple. White t-shirt, jean shorts, netted tights and a statement necklace! The question is what will she be wearing over the weekends, will she keep it simple or will there be a bold look that's being kept quiet?

The queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens. She has ruled Coachella for a few years with her perfectly styled boho look. This year she has gone with a simple mint high neck piece, a statement gold choker and beautiful tight curls=perfect.

Kendall and Gigi didn't disappoint either with simple looks but statement jewellery. Kendall wore a beige embroidered maxi dress with two little buns and various silver necklaces. Gigi wore black shorts and a crop top and added a tassle jacket then a statement waist piece. 

Taylor Hill and Josephine Skriver were seen taking pre-Coachella photos looking very chic. Again looks were simple but effective. Flairs, crop tops, shorts and shirts...looks that are very easy to recreate!

With Coachella only just beginning I can't wait to see what other looks are to come, but so much it seems to be a focus on simplicity but statement jewellery...but anything can happen...A$AP Rocky brought out Kanye West so who's to say more unexpected looks are not to appear!


Friday, 15 April 2016

IVY PARK, it has arrived...

Active meets Casual

There has been a big hype over the new active sportswear range co-founded by Beyoncé. Everyone loves Beyonce so that's no surprise. With it being in-store at Topshop and it also being a Beyoncé collection I was expecting prices to be through the roof, but surprisingly everything is rather reasonable!

Take a look at the advert, this for me won me over... a very well communicated advert making you want to take a look at the range.

Here are a couple of photos from the shoot which I absolutely LOVE, for me Beyoncé symbolises strength, power and being proud of who you are. The range has everything from hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, beanies and sandals! Don't waste a minute...go and take a look at Topshop.


SS16 Candy Galore Trend

We all know pastels in spring are a yearly trend, but this year the focus is on the sweet sugary candy shades. We are talking minty, peach and nude tones, let's get ready for summer ladies!

Pastel perfection = summer!

Here are some of my favourite looks of the new trend, why not start a mood board of the ideas you like and be sure to look on websites such as (20% OFF FOR STUDENTS AT THE MOMENT, HURRY!) , and for the best pastel looks!


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Easter blues...but summer is on its way!

I am back, I know I haven't been very good with keeping up to date with blogging recently but I have been super busy since being home for easter. I have been visiting friends, spending time with family and uni work...oh and of course the odd easter egg or two. 

We all love easter egg hunts right, and I know they are meant for when you're a kid but I don't think I will ever grow too old for them, not my auntie and cousin's easter hunt anyway, clues that lead you to a family member or a place in the house...but not just any clues I am talking top notch brain working clues that gets everyone thinking!

Now though after consuming a large amount of guilty pleasure is cold chocolate so when I find leftovers in the fridge I know it's going downhill and fast! But now I have ensured my brother removes every form of chocolate out of my eye sight and I am ready to prep for summer. I used to do elite gymnastics for over 10 years so I know a little about hard work and dedication but since stopping gymnastics about a year and a half ago it's no longer as easy to stay in check with what I'm eating and my exercise routine. I am generally a healthy eater but I am a big snacker, but with a holiday booked its time to get serious!

I am not a huge fan of the gym, I hate running machines, I hate being inside and not actually doing something exciting...running on a machine, inside, not going anywhere, no not for me. I am however a big fan of Charlotte Crosby's fitness DVD's, the '3-minute belly blitz' and '3-minute bum blitz'. Now let me tell you, these make you work so hard and sweat like crazy, I did all 12 rounds of the 3-minute belly blitz outside in the sun today and my legs still currently feel like jelly. So, I am going to start these DVDs on more of a regular basis! 

I will update you on how it's going and hopefully will not be so jelly like after the workouts by next week!

Where is everyone going this summer, and if you have any fitness or healthy recipes or tips be sure to comment below!



Friday, 18 March 2016

A trip into London and a very early start

Tuesday was a day for me to run around London all day to find as much research and inspiration for my current university project on perfume, and of course, find some time for a little shopping and lots of food! It was a long day, up at 6 am and returned back in Notts at 11pm...

I went to all the famous stores, Liberty's, Selfridges, Oxford Street Topshop and other niche perfume stores to find out more about my target audience, speak to industry professionals and find inspiration from everywhere. The flowers in the photo below were outside Liberty's and I couldn't resist taking a photo as the sun was shining bright and the summer feel I've been looking for was in the air.


Monday, 14 March 2016

A world where flowers only bloom at night....McQueen


Bloom At Night... the McQueen way of course

£285...thats how much Alexander McQueen's new perfume would bite into your bank account. Maybe something I would love to afford one day, but as a student it's not really on my cards, however, that doesn't stop me from admiring and being astonished at how insanely beautiful the process is for this perfume!!

Take a look and admire the creativity and meaning behind the famous new fragrance.

"Unveiling the artistry of fragrance, McQueen Parfum is for the woman who blooms in the dark. Inspired by the craftsmanship of haute parfumerie, McQueen has created a unique scent made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers. Sambac Jasmine is the essence of power and romance. The flower opens under the moon, exuding a sweet and complex aroma until the morning. Tuberose is the warm, intoxicating heart of seduction. A rare and deep extract, it is both regal and forbidden. Ylang Ylang is the mysterious scent of a perfect morning. Most fragrant at first light, its exotic, yellow flowers are potent with a sense of renewal and transformation. Solid, sensual, with the artisan’s love of form, the parfum bottle is a small work of art. A timeless shape, tactile and beautiful in the hand. Gold feathers crown the bottle, reflecting bespoke craftsmanship that is pure McQueen." -

Bottle-making process-


Friday, 11 March 2016

Reflective Journal for Creative Networks part 1

This module is about constructing a fragrance brand, opposite to the last module where I was to focus on deconstructing a brand and breaking down the main parts. Thinking about the FCP triangle, the consumer, packaging and selling a story for a product that really is only coloured liquid that smells nice.

This module focus’ more on primary research to help idea development, I have done this through questionnaires both online and asking people of Nottingham and London at home about what scents they like, preferences on fragrance packaging and what they feel is missing in the market. I have learnt the key elements of communicating a brand through narratives such as sensuality and indulgence and what message is being portrayed for the brand. Other contributes can be from colour palettes to the location that an advert is based. I have learnt the importance of collaborations and how they drive foot traffic and can strengthen the credibility of the brands for example Stella McCartney and Adidas. Collaborations can be between artists, brands, bloggers and retail, the opportunities are endless, anything that can open up a window for new product categories. There must always be a strategic purpose behind the collaboration or there becomes a risk of losing brand equity.

Our reading week looked further into the FCP process and the importance of thinking outside the box and the impact a good form of promotion can bring to a brand. The books given focused on creativity and the importance of story telling, something key for a fragrance brand. A question stated- Why is story telling so important to the creative process? “Well, its what we build our ideas around. It’s the very fabric of our thoughts. If the idea is the foundation of the creative process, then the story is the vehicle that delivers it, making it memorable”. Without a story, a brand cannot connect to their audience. We have been encouraged to begin a scrapbook, something I have always loved and helps me with understanding my progress, I can see what looks good and keep those key tear outs that inspired me or informed me on new concepts.

As part of a team we presented our primary and secondary research that has helped our idea development. We focused on three main macro trends, personalisation, eco/natural ingredients and relaxation. From here we looked into how scents have catered to these trends and what could we as a team contribute to the market. By looking at what’s happening in the world globally, we have decided to aim our brand to the working women. There has become an increased need to stand out in the fragrance industry but also as a customer, scent is personal to the individual, one does not fit all. Our feedback showed we need to step back from a product idea and continue to find more primary research around the idea concept to get more of an understanding of what our target audience really needs.
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