Sunday, 24 April 2016

Early mornings and floral duvets

I have always been a morning girl, I'd much prefer to wake up at 7am and get going than sleep in till 10/11am...I just would get nothing done. Now that the weather is getting warm and summer is definitely creeping upon us, I have been very motivated to get up first thing and exercise. That could be going on a walk up the hills in Nottingham or doing my Charlotte Crosby Belly/bum blitz...i have even gone and bought her new Live Fast Loose Weight book. If anyone has been thinking about ordering it, I would say YES DO! It makes you realise all these no carbs, lettuce only diets are pointless, they are not sustainable and will not last long! Everyone knows what food is good for them and what isn't but the book reminds you we need everything in moderation. You could have a cheat meal once a week and it will make no difference to you as long as the rest of the days your good if you want that pizza make it your cheat meal and just be sure to work extra hard at the gym the next day. You can go out with friends and have drinks, just be really good with what you eat in the day, then again work up a sweat exercising the next day!

Here are some of my favorite recipes from her book that I will be trying soon...

Banana and oat shake- Almond milk, 1 banana frozen, greek yogurt, porridge oats and a tablespoon of peanut butter and blend! This is perfect before you exercise with it releasing energy slowly.

Goats cheese, spinach and red pepper frittata- Heat the veg in a pan until soft, cook your eggs in a pan until the bottom is set and then add all the veg and put under the grill until golden and bubbly! You can have this hot and cold, so use more eggs if you want some throughout the week!

Sweet potato brownies- Cook the sweet potatoes and blend them along with some cinnamon, add coco powder and salt and some boiling water to form a paste, wisk 2 eggs and vanilla extract and combine with the purée and bake for 20 minutes....WHO KNEW THERE WAS SUCH A THING AS HEALTHY BROWNIES!!!

These are just a few of the recipes, but the book has so much more along with cocktails that are less calorific!


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