Sunday, 3 April 2016

Easter blues...but summer is on its way!

I am back, I know I haven't been very good with keeping up to date with blogging recently but I have been super busy since being home for easter. I have been visiting friends, spending time with family and uni work...oh and of course the odd easter egg or two. 

We all love easter egg hunts right, and I know they are meant for when you're a kid but I don't think I will ever grow too old for them, not my auntie and cousin's easter hunt anyway, clues that lead you to a family member or a place in the house...but not just any clues I am talking top notch brain working clues that gets everyone thinking!

Now though after consuming a large amount of guilty pleasure is cold chocolate so when I find leftovers in the fridge I know it's going downhill and fast! But now I have ensured my brother removes every form of chocolate out of my eye sight and I am ready to prep for summer. I used to do elite gymnastics for over 10 years so I know a little about hard work and dedication but since stopping gymnastics about a year and a half ago it's no longer as easy to stay in check with what I'm eating and my exercise routine. I am generally a healthy eater but I am a big snacker, but with a holiday booked its time to get serious!

I am not a huge fan of the gym, I hate running machines, I hate being inside and not actually doing something exciting...running on a machine, inside, not going anywhere, no not for me. I am however a big fan of Charlotte Crosby's fitness DVD's, the '3-minute belly blitz' and '3-minute bum blitz'. Now let me tell you, these make you work so hard and sweat like crazy, I did all 12 rounds of the 3-minute belly blitz outside in the sun today and my legs still currently feel like jelly. So, I am going to start these DVDs on more of a regular basis! 

I will update you on how it's going and hopefully will not be so jelly like after the workouts by next week!

Where is everyone going this summer, and if you have any fitness or healthy recipes or tips be sure to comment below!



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