Monday, 26 October 2015

Motivational Monday- The world needs a little more individuality


Now this may be a blog that a lot of you think ‘oh i know this’ but the truth is we may know it but we don’t always have the courage or self-confidence to show it. With there being over 7 billion of us in the world, not one person is you.

I feel over the last year or so I’ve learnt who i am and become happy expressing who that is. I no longer am concerned on how people view me, as long as I’m happy within myself and the people i love around me are happy thats what matters most, Im not afraid to say what i believe in, i show how i feel and i have learnt to trust my feelings and go with what i feel is right. I was always told growing up to believe in myself and be confident which i struggled with outside of my life as a gymnast. Gymnastics was my life for over 10 years, i trained 30 hours a week and knew very little other than school, train, eat, sleep x 100000, my method of expressing who i was in an environment that i was 100% comfortable. Yet outside of that i used to be the quite shy one who worried what others thought. Being a gymnast has made me who i am today as an individual, I’ve learnt hard work, motivation and sacrifice. Ive come out of the sport with a group of friends who are my family, i trained with them 6 days a week and we become the building blocks for each other, the courage to be who we are and what we wanted to succeed in.

When we wake up every morning, we are a blank canvas. We have a choice on how we wish to look, what sort of person we want to be, how we speak and the way we think. We are a blank page with a hidden history but we are the artist who can paint an image of what we want others to see. Our past makes us who we are. We all have a story that makes us strong and gives us lessons to learn from. These are the things that make us unique. Our inspirations, our mind, our soul and our desires…this exact combination is only held by us. Just us out of the other 7 billion people on the earth. You can’t get more unique than this, and thats what we need to keep hold of and embrace.

We need to ensure we do not get wrapped up on what society thinks and whats cool and whats not. Negative people with negative thoughts need to be kept out. We need to get out of the box that society, media and people try their best to keep us in. The world needs uniqueness and individuality, without it new ideas, inventions, designs and art would never occur. The world needs YOU, not who you try to be.


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