Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

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If you were to look in the mirror at an outfit, you are not just looking at the garment and how it fits, or what colour it is, you are looking at a reflection of society and culture from a decade ago to as little as a year ago.

With the gym being the ‘new’ place to be seen and the obsession on eating clean and working hard, this alone has impacted the fashion industry hugely. It has spread to Instagram pages, blogs and columns purely focusing on eing fit/healthy and what green shake people are drinking that morning. The ‘it’ girls of London heading to the SBC (Skinny B*tch society) being one of the most talked about fitness groups around, this has spread across the pond over to LA having morning runs consisting of 100’s people before work, morning smoothie/shake raves…of course they beat us on the craziness scale! This has led to new fitness lines and a need to have a sense of athleticism for designers to work with. The need to own a pair of nike running shoes, or high tech fabrics and sports mesh clothing. New collaborations have been the result, for example Stella McCartney X Adidas or Topshop X Adidas.

A macro-trend such as increasing technology. The social need for information at our fingertips across all sectors such as art, architecture, film and fashion has lead to apps such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pintrest. The power of technology has gone off the scale. Pages of creative ideas leading to a new trend.

For example, having bright coloured dip dyed hair, to nail art designs and sneak peaks of upcoming collaborations within fashion and beauty. The power of Snapchat, footage for all the big runways and fashion weeks giving the audience a faster insight of designs before they have even had a change to hit the magazines. We as consumers have become so obsessed with receiving information faster than before and needing to be part of the industry from the comfort of our own homes. With us becoming, i guess in a way ‘greedy’ for information, fashion has to change at a faster rate…’Fashion can be seen as irrational in the sense that it seeks change for the sake of change’ ( Fashion a Philosophy-Lars Svenden)

Everything within culture such as artists, films, theatre, dance, music,sport or global news etc, all have the power to influence new trends within fashion. We see Fashion collaborations with all of the above giving a new sense of life. By joining these sectors to become one, the ability to tell newnarratives and be unique in such a demanding industry becomes more accessible. It allows the consumer to be a part of that world and little do they know, they have the power to change future trends with them being a member of society and their involvement within global cultures.


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