Friday, 9 October 2015

anyone there?

Well hello to anyone out there reading my blog, anyone there? nope, ok.

Im excited to start this blog and hope to share most things from unexpected adventures, restaurants, fashion trends/favourites, beauty, wish lists if i was ever to become a millionaire and then of course the odd moan about things i believe need improving in the world or are just generally a pet peeve of mine.

Blogging slightly scares me if i am honest, as much as i love writing and being creative its still a little intimidating. However, I'm going to let my imagination go a little for my posts and see where it takes me. Our ideas would stay locked up in our head forever if we didn't let our inspirations and creativity go for a run every so often...and what a boring life that would be right?

Im keeping this post short and simple so here are a few things about me for you all to know...

  • I am a fashion communication and promotion student

  • I love the bags of cookies that Tesco sell...£1 for 5 of the best tasting cookies in the world, i struggle to think of anyone who has the willpower to resist such a thing!

  • I used to be in the England team for gymnastics

  • I hope to work in events and journalism when i am older

First post down, phew!

I will return soon with hopefully a slightly more interesting post, i promise.


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