Monday, 12 October 2015

Nottingham appreciation post..

Since being here in Nottingham i have slowly began to discover what all the fuss is about over the city sites. From a quick glance it seems like the normal old town city you'd expect but when you actually take the time to explore, you find the coolest little cafes, hidden hideaways, vintage stores and restaurants.

This weekend though my friends and I found ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the Nottingham Market Square where there were loads of little stands, majority food (I'm a food addict just so you are all aware for the many future food blogs to follow), from cheese stands, pastry spreads, Chinese foods in a box, crepes and the amazing chocolate and sweet tooth stands (camera's and screws made out of chocolate was a first for me to see!)  So as we went round pretending to be very interested in buying all of these to eat, when really you just want to get as many free tasters as possible, we discovered why there was such a buzz for the area. You saw people buying favourite foods and sitting on the steps of the Market Square looking at the incredible architecture and buildings surrounding you.

I learnt some  facts about the Market Square that day...

  • It is the largest surviving square in the UK

  • The area is used for events, exhibitions and concerts along with their amazing food markets, of course!!

  • Market sqaure was the original home to the famous Goose fair of Nottingham, streets used to be closed down for a huge fair to take place. I went to the Goose fair this year and wow, the rides and food were incredible!! Theres such an essence of community feel and buzz in the air. Of course we had to embrace the  experience by getting ourselves candy floss, doughnuts, the usual fair foods and then feel sick hanging upside down on a  ride, all part of the fun if you ask me.

I would say Nottingham is starting to feel like my new home...

IMG_7641                   IMG_7684        IMG_7685     IMG_7686      IMG_7683

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