Wednesday, 14 October 2015

We all love a little Fairytale enchantment..

We all love to escape the tough parts of day to day life. We all love to let our minds run for a while. We all love fairytales and be engrossed into a higher power and magic. So what better way to advertise a brand than sending a message to your consumer that your brand will take you to a new world and take you to a place of enchantment and magic.

Narratives are a key aspect to communication and without them an advert, photo or show will not draw an audience in. A story needs to be told. Whether that is 50s American fashion ( we all love a bit of 'Grease' style) or 80s fashion...don't get me wrong, i love a bit of the bright colours occasionally that were on trend back in the day but those bright leg warmers will never be acceptable.

I have focused on a narrative with more mystery and magic, from Vogue to photographers such as Tim Walker, this method of fairytale enchantment has been a popular back story to their work.

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You can see a Alice in Wonderland theme in a lot of these images along with common motif trends such as frames, mirrors, big hair and creative make up along with the clothes being promoted being edger than your normal designer or high street dresses. I love these editorial photos as it shows a sense of uniqueness and bravery for the brand, a sign of not being afraid to go too far with a photo, i mean a rabbit head on top of someones head or sitting on a horse coming through a door.. its mad yet it works.

For those who are a fan of the Alice In Wonderand inspiration to these work of arts, its always import to remember if you think your bonkers that "all the best people are". Remember to stay unique and try new ideas as crazy ideas are better than having no ideas.

c708d504599a0c868adb431952126dff-2We all love some fairytale enchantment...

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