Friday, 23 October 2015

Raf Simons - Dior

 It was yesterday morning, when i had my daily email notification regarding the daily digest page of ‘Business of Fashion’ when i saw that Raf Simon was parting ways with Christian Dior after a three and a half year collaboration.

Strangely enough, Monday afternoon as part of my course at uni, we watched the documentary ‘Dior and I’, a film that gave huge inspiration and insight into the pressure of the fashion industry with no where to hide and the need to achieve, along with the heart warming feeling and proudness when the job is done.

The documentary shows the behind the scenes footage of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection as the new artistic director in Fall 2012, along with his right hand man Pieter Mulier. A collection and a show that screamed beauty, elegance and class. The collection was shown in Pairs, of course and Raf’s goals were to “recapture the feminine glamour of his mother’s Belle Époque ensembles, and to transform his mannequins and clients into blooming and blossoming and extravagantly womanly archetypes”.

It was not only the clothes that captivated everyone, but the fairytale setting that demonstrated Christian Dior’s passion for flowers, 5 rooms with walls and walls of roses, orchids and dahlia blossoms- basically every girls dream for a wedding setting, well mine anyway!

Whilst reading upon Raf Simons’ choice to step down i came across some text on which i couldn't agree with more.

“It's all too easy to think that a fashion show and the clothes just happen when it comes to Fashion Week. Amid a social and style circus; a pit of flashbulbs, stars; celebrity and front row gossip; a collection struts out down a catwalk. We want to be that girl; we want that hair and make-up; and we want those clothes. It's a grand feat of production. And it happens twice a year. But behind it, there are the designers: terrific geniuses but humans also. They have feelings, are scared and feel the pressure too. We forget that. Until you see it up close, which is exactly what Dior And I does”

So in appreciation of Raf Simon and his ground breaking creations over the past 3 and half years i have selected some of my favourites.

“I am usually very attracted to things that i can’t define. If something’s too clear, its very often not inspiring to me anymore” - Raf Simons

Raf Simons Wants Women to Have a “Sense of Freedom” in His Dior Designs_3



  1. Wow very good—would I be able to download Dior and I ?


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