Thursday, 19 November 2015

Trends with tech.

A new emerging trend is occurring. It combines geek with style, technology being our geek and fashion as our style. We are not talking about LED flashing shoes or an apple watch. The aim is to integrate high-tech wearable technology with mainstream fashion pieces. We need technology to fit into our life without allowing it to disrupt our day to day life. Many of these inventions were discovered through crowdfunding sites that come with apps and are unisex.

Glasses are common, can't find them your phone will know the exact location with the help of a small Bluetooth embedded into the frame. A handbag that comes with a charging plate, internal lights, 2 USB docks and a charging dock. What about a connected ring, notifications on your phone connect to the ring that send small vibrations to alert you instead of constantly checking your phone and wasting time looking at twitter, snapchat etc when really there is no need. You can actually get on with what you need to do and only be interrupted when you need to be.

Technology is moving faster than ever at the moment, we cannot remove it or block it out as it does bring huge benefits and movement to our lives. Technology now is being adapted to our way of living instead of us being immersed into the world of technology leading us not getting on with our day to day necessities.


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