Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fairytale fashion @ FIT, NY

Fairy Tale Fashion is a unique and imaginative exhibition that examines fairy tales through the lens of high fashion. Fairytales often include descriptions of clothing, such as magical shoes, magnificent dresses and concealing cloaks that are often used to symbolize a character’s transformation, vanity, power, or privilege. The exhibition focused on numerous fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red riding hood and also my personal favourite Alice In Wonderland, just to name a few. Since fairy tales are rarely set in specific places or time periods, the exhibition clues clothing and accessories that date from the 18th century to the present, with particular emphasis on extraordinary 21st century creations. In the midst of a global, technologically driven fashion industry, there remains a need- for designs that value fantasy over function.

Here were a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibition:

The Snow Queen is evil but beautiful, the white furs indicate her desire for perfection and her queenly status, she is unmistakably luxurious.
Alexander McQueen/evening gown embellished with a cascade of beaded tresses, part of a collection inspired by witches. This reference underscores the power associated with hair in mythology, when Rapunzel's hair long hair is cut, she loses her most valuable asset

Jean Louis Sabaji/my personal favourite, silk feathers to recreate the swan maiden's feathery robe.

Comme des Garcons/an enormous, peaked headpiece in patent leather. A hooded resemble in Spring 2015 collection

Zuhair Murad/Haute Couture, when sleeping beauty rises from her slumber, a more seductive design than Perrauit writes...
Giles/ Vogue noted that the dress looked 'burned with a magical and mischievous spirit'

Nicholas Kirkwood/Wonderland motifs combined into a heel...red roses favoured by the Queen of Hearts, a tiny tea set in reference to the Hatter's tea party and the white rabbit's pocket watch.

Louis Férud/ outfits full of motifs that symbolise the story of Alice In Wonderland. Pocket watch, keys, cards and beautiful imaginations of a new world.

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