Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My guilty Sephora haul



New York as you know leads to a lot of temptation when it comes to shopping. I love make-up, i love how experimental you can be and how you can completely change your look by using make up. So...when i first entered Sephora in New York i was blown away by how amazing the store was. Monochrome interior ( my fave), make up studio set ups for you to use, LED lighted mirrors... my dream make up wardrobe basically!! I would say this is where my biggest spend was on my trip, if we saw a Sephora we would go in and take a look and come out with something, guaranteed.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit

I did go to New York with the plan to buy the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour kit though, and its my best purchase yet. Consisting of 3 contour shades and 3 highlighting shades its perfect for every skin tone. Contouring has become a big trend in the make up world and this kit helps you get the look everyone hopes for. With the product being cream it blends into your skin very easily without ending up with major lines all over your face. So if anyone is thinking about buying this, my advice to you is GO AND BUY IT, you'll be all contoured up even if its just for a hour lecture!!!

Naked 2 by Urban Decay

This was a top christmas present given to me from my generous mumma of mine, she seems to pick things up when I'm babbling on all year about new products i like the look of and remembers them even when i forget to put them on my wish list. This palette is fabulousss...from pale shades, sparkly shades to deep dark purples and blacks that can create the perfect look for day and night. I admit at the moment i only use it for special occasions because i don't want to make it dirty or use it too quickly, but when i do use it it brilliant. It even came with 4 different eye primers depending on what look your looking for from nudes to deep shimmers, these primers keep your eye make up on all day and night if needs be!!

Foundation, mascara and contour brush

Lets start with the mascara, $12 for the best mascara I've ever application and your lashes and flying!! Often it takes a couple of layers to see a difference with other mascara's but this one there is no such issue. Foundation, i was running low on foundation and thought i'd give this ago. Its a pretty good foundation, perfect for my skin tone and doesn't look all cakey. The one thing i would say is mix it in with another foundation that is more liquidy to loosen up the texture so it becomes easier to apply. Finally my contour brush, this brush has become my key brush, without it i would struggle...that sounds dramatic but cut a long story short i thought i originally bought this brush and open it up back at the hotel and i had the wrong one. I was on a mission to go into every Sephora store to replace it for the one i originally found, 4 stores later i found a tester one that had been open but not used, i do not recreate the traipsing around at all now that i know how amazing this little travel brush is. I would recommend it to all.

Kat Von D Everylasting Liquid Lipstick- shade Lolita 

When it says 'everlasting' means ever lasting. Im not much of a dark lipstick kind of girl but i tried it on and it actually looked ok!! So i bought it and I'm slightly obsessed with it now, i will put it on in the morning and i won't need to re-apply all day...ALL DAY!!

So i have babbled on a little here i know, no change when i look back at my other posts but if in New York hit Sephora girls!!




  1. Great picks! I really wanna try Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, but it's an investment I'm not ready to make yet.

  2. Definitely give the contour kit a go when you can!

  3. Love the Naked 2 palette :)


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