Monday, 18 January 2016

Why am I not still in New York?

I am home, to be honest I would rather be back in the big city than sat in my cold uni room trying to keep warm with my little candles and mini radiator ( which I'm certain I've blown by trying to get it to work faster). Yes New York was cold, -4 to be precise but atleast I was wrapped up and surrounded by the bubbly atmosphere of happy Americans and fabulous shops.

I did all the touristy things of New York, Rockefeller was my absolute favourite. The Views were incredible and reached out as far as the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. I also visited the Empire State and walked round the outside at the 86th floor, freezinggggg I could hardly take photos by the end of it but it was 100% worth it. The Flatiron Building was around the corner from our hotel and we had to take a trip to Grand Central station due to being a fan of Gossip Girl! Soho was very cool, it was the image of New York I had prior to my trip. Streets of boutiques and high end shops on one end and then the spaced out vintage area on the other. Times Square was full of selfie sticks and bright lights.

We went to the FIT Museum that had an exhibition on Denim and Fairy Tale fashion. I will be doing a separate blog for this as it was amazing and I have lots of photos to show on this!! Think Snow White, Alice In Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood interpreted through dresses, gowns and shoes.

I didn't go too extreme on the shopping, but then again its fair to say I shopped. Victoria's Secret was huge and had a fabulous sale on so that lead to
a little bit of
money spending. Sephora became our new obsession, I  blame the beautiful interior and monochrome colour palette, if we saw a store we would go in and even when we promised each other we would not buy anymore...of course we came out with something. Urban outfitters, a favourite of mine caused a little temptation and i did splurge a little on my new cropped grey hooded Calvin Klein jumper.

calvin klein.jpg

I learnt a lot about the American Fashion industry and their methods of promotion and style. I loved the customer service in every shop, people were generally happy to help and chat to you about your day...something i feel England could take note on.  You had staff come up to you and compliment your outfit or make up and ask where we were from and what were studying etc, generally happy people! Inspiration was everywhere, the long never-ending streets were packed with creativity and energy for you to grab ideas from. Generally experiencing such a huge city and hearing so much about NY before i came beat my expectations and I learnt a lot purely due to the comparison of London and NY.

Here are some of my favourite moments of New York, i will be blogging about the Fashion Institute of Technology exhibition, Sephora purchases and my favourite store interior that I came across in ' & other stories'.

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