Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hair envy and inspo for Summer

It's come to the time of year where we are all counting the days for the sun to burst out and for summer to begin, what other way to be summer ready than change up our hair! I know I change my hair colour a lot, I often like to be brunette in Autumn/Winter and then lighten it up to blonde or ombré in the summer. I am very indecisive, as you can probably tell.

Here are some of my favourite looks for your summer change inspiration!!

The chop...Khloe Kardashian took the brave move that many of us do not have the cuts for. I think its fair to say it payed off for her, going blonde and taking that brave move looks perfect!


Casual..the way we all hope our hair will be when we wake up! Selena Gomez demonstrates the 'natural' dark hair with a bold lip.


Zendaya has made a huge impact on the industry recently for standing up for what she believes in and not following the Hollywood crowd. These tight ringlets look stunning as they drape down the back. Any hairstyle she tries is always 100% perfection.


Boohoo chic = Vanessa Hudgens. She is known for her fashion and hair in the festival season. Adding her own touch of the braid over the top of her head...i need to learn this trick!


Kim K- Braids have become her thing recently. if only it was possible for us to get them identical to each other...easier said than done!


Miley Cyrus' long reddish hair was one of my favourite looks. I personally hate when the red under-tones come through with my hair, but Miley works it fabulously!

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