Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Zara: 'Ungendered'

Perfume started the trend of unisex products, a fragrance for both men and women. This how started to run into fashion lines, we saw Rihanna's new clothing line with Puma demonstrate ungendered clothing and now the worldwide store Zara has just released their very first line. 

I have become a regular customer at Zara since moving to Nottingham. If you are the same, you may have noticed the new section under TRF, 'ungendered'. It features unisex basics including t-shirts, tracksuits and jeans modelled by both a male and female model. The fashion industry has a long history of playing around with the rules with gender such as YSL's first Le Smoking suit for women or recently Alessandro Michele's gender-fluid vision for Gucci. The question that stands though, has Zara done this for a trend reason or for a progressive new way of shopping?

I believe there will be an increase in brands following this idea, would this then lead to further equality for women? On the flip side, the collection consists of basics for a reason, t-shirts and sweats....something that men and women both wear anyway....so is it as groundbreaking as it first sounds, I am not sure?!

We will have to wait and see...

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